Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Message from our President

Dear Supporters, Members and Volunteers of Noah’s Ark Cares,

[Dated April 27th]

The intention when Noah’s Ark CARES sent the message out was to clarify that this rescue has been carried out by a private group and any queries or donations should go directly to them and not via Noah’s Ark CARES. This was to ensure that any requests would be dealt as speedily as possible given that we have had issues with our email accounts. We are very mindful that these rescued animals have suffered greatly and would hate to see their agony prolonged due to administrative delays.

Noah's Ark CARES has and always will have the welfare of our companion animals regardless of which society they belong to. The sanctuary is home to many of such animals - puppy mill dogs, stray dogs and cats, both cats and dogs from the street, abandoned pets to name but a few.

There is obviously no doubt that Noah's Ark CARES would always do the right thing by their companion animals.


[Dated April 26th]

Dear Supporters, Members and Volunteers of Noah’s Ark Cares,

Many of you have written to say that you received requests for contributions to assist in the re-homing and medical costs of the recent rescue of puppy-mill dogs.

The efforts of this private group are to be applauded. We understand the suffering of these individual dogs, and we are glad that individuals in their own capacity are called to help them.

Noah’s Ark Cares is not involved in such rescues. We feel that they will not solve the problem of puppy-milling, and in fact may possibly exacerbate them. The mission of Noah’s Ark Cares is to educate the wider public on responsible pet ownership, which includes the multiple factors to consider when adopting a dog as a new family member. We believe that such efforts will have a greater impact in reducing the number of puppy mills, and ultimately putting all out of business.

We write this in the hopes that in reiterating and clarifying the mission of Noah’s Ark Cares, so that we will not lose sight of the common focus and understanding as to how to reduce the number of “discarded” animals as well as your continued support of our cause.

Yours sincerely,

Chew Gek Hiang
President of Noah’s Ark CARES

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