Monday, April 12, 2010

Thank you Addiction!

Noah’s Ark has been the recipient of kind benefaction of kind animal lovers and friends from all walks of life. We like to extend our most sincere appreciation to Addiction Holistic Pet Food for donating the following natural, wholesome, delicious food to our canine residents at Noah’s Ark:-

1) 44 Cartons Unagi & Seaweed (Dog) 185g x 24 Cans
2) 44 Cartons Salmon & Potato (Cat) 185g x 24 Cans
3) 40 Bags Wild Kangaroo & Apple (Dog) 15Lbs Bag

Volunteers giving the dogs a treat, courtesy of Addiction Foods

A free for all in the cattery. YUM!

Cats tucking in to the delicious Addiction food

Jasmine basking in the attention. Oh, Jasmine is one of the few dogs that live in the cattery with the cats

Iza playing with Jasmine

Thank you for making my day!

We are grateful for your contributions and our animals at NA can’t wait to get their paws on the food donated… check out the pictures below!
Thank you Addiction for your generosity and for visiting us at our Sanctuary!

Oh boy oh boy… its paw licking good… When is my next meal?

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