Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Editor-In-Chief Makes Room for Younger Dog

Dear Friends, Fellow Animal Lovers and Readers of this blog,

I would like to thank you for the wonderful years of support you have given me, by simply reading our blog, and supporting the work we do.

As Editor-In-Chief for this blog, I have had the privilege to be a very great part of Noah’s Ark CARES. Over the years, I have been to many road shows, school talks, doggie tea parties, etc – all with the purpose of educating and raising funds for my fellow animals. I also mentored young dogs and taught them to behave themselves, so that they would not be given up or abandoned. I never hesitated to take time out from my hectic schedule to tend to these events, as I believed that we need to educate the young generation.

I love this kid!

I lived on the streets as a puppy, scavenging garbage bins for scraps. Someone used a stick to hit me and broke my tail bone when I was just a few months old. I ran as fast as my tiny legs could carry me but little did I know I was running on the highway. My mommy was driving on the AYE and saw me running on the road shoulder. She stopped, quickly caught me and put me in her car.

The Doctor said I would no longer be able to wag my tail but my mommy decided to keep me anyway. She could not take me home just yet, so I lived with some friends in a factory for a few years.

Finally one day mommy decided to take me home and I was elated! Five years living in a factory and eating curry and chicken rice was more than I could take!

Being a Big Brother to younger dogs

The things I did for animal welfare!

I have lived with mommy for the past five years and I am now 10. I have worked very hard for my fellow animals and our cause. Mommy says it is now time for me to step down and make room for other young dogs.

I would like to introduce everyone to Benny, your new Editor-In-Chief. Like me, Benny lived in an industrial estate for many years and his favourite past time was chasing motorcycles and bicycles. He loved it so much that he could almost outrun them! Soon people travelling on the road started kicking him and complaining about Benny because they didn’t like his idea of fun. The authorities threatened to take Benny away for good and the security Uncle approached a kind lady who fed Benny regularly, to ask if she could help him.

This kind lady offered to take Benny to Noah’s Ark Sanctuary and his boarding is generously paid by her. Benny enjoys his days lazing under the sun and waiting for weekends, when visitors or his care-giver comes to visit.

I hope that everyone will continue supporting Benny, our blog and the work we do and I thank you for believing in our work.


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Nomad70 said...

Good Bye, Zeus. Thanks for everything.

Beneficiary of Animal Merchandise :)

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