Friday, March 5, 2010

A Home Visit to Diesel’s Place

Dear readers,

Do you remember Diesel? Our maggot wound dog that was resuced from the industrial estate?


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Diesel’s case upset many of my friends greatly when I showed them the photo of his treated but still raw wound, as they wondered how come a bite wound can manifest into something so serious, and they are equally amazed at how Diesel did not die from it. According to the security guard at the construction site, Diesel was the third or fourth victim to be bitten by the same dog, and he was the only that survived. Imagine you could smell his maggot wound when driving past the road he was walking along?!?

Diesel's old battle scars

At the door of Diesel’s home when I pressed the door bell, a roly-poly dog greeted me! I took a second look, and realized, oh my, he was like double his size when I first saw him! He was happily galloping around like a horse, up and down the steps and kept snuggling up for attention.

Lucky Diesel gets a walk thrice or even four times daily. Upon reaching home, he knows that Mr Yuen will go to the study room and switch on the air-conditioning, thus now he dashes into the study room faster than Mr Yuen can walk! At night, he will sleep right outside their bedroom, enjoying the air-conditioning that sips out from the gap under the bedroom door.

Diesel is getting picky with food and refuses to eat unless butter is applied onto it! This explains for his wide and expanding waistline! He also likes to look out of the window by standing on twos, and gaze at the world outside, giving the contented look as if saying “oh, the world is wide and I’ve almost seen it all, but boy am I lucky to have somewhere to rest my tired feet..”

Many might be thinking about the recovery progress of the injury Diesel had. Yes there is quite a visible scar there, and the fur will never grow back to cover the scar, but Diesel has come a long way and the scar is evidence of that. Mr and Mrs Yuen told me that they did have an intention of getting a puppy initially, but their daughter who is overseas now, upon learning about Diesel’s sad story plus seeing his photos, insisted that they adopt him instead. Thank you Miss Yuen, for so kindly giving Diesel a new lease of life. He will no longer have to fight for survival out in the open, for food, for territory.

Last but not least, check out Diesel's story on RazorTV by clicking on this link: Diesel's Story For 1 more RazorTV clip, please take a look at our right column under videos.

We at Noah's Ark are extremely happy for Diesel, as he has finally found his forever home.


nylabluesmom said...

Hello Everyone: I just read Diesel's story & checked out the Razor TV videos. What an amazing dog & as usual the Noah's Ark Angels were there to help yet another deserving animal. You work inspires me & I have sent the link to your blog to many people here in Canada. Thank you for your tireless work to save the animals. We can all learn a lesson from you. God Bless all of you & all the animals too. Sherriellen T-D.

Ester said...

Man... that boy has really put on weight. I still remember that day when we saw his smelly maggot wound covered in diesel. Thankfully he came back from the brink of death. Thanks Miss Yuen for adopting that boy.

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