Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fosterers/Adopters Needed for Two Neglected Dogs

"Keep the love, end the neglect.” – This is SPCA’s slogan for World Animal Day 2011, which was celebrated worldwide just two days ago. Sad to say, be it locally or internationally, there are still many such unfortunate cases going on behind closed doors, and neglected pets left to suffer, in silence.

We are appealing for fosterers/adopters for these two boys, whose names the Owner's parents do not even know. Both playful, loving and estimated to be about 5-6 years old, the standard schnauzer was bought from a pet shop whereas the mini pinscher/chihuahua cross was picked up by the Owner (as informed by her dad). A girl in her twenties, as her life underwent different life stages, she irresponsibly neglected her faithful companions. Her dad who is getting on age and not in the pink of health is finding it increasingly difficult to take care and clean up after both of them, and her mum is terrified of dogs and maintains her distance from the two.

Before we start to judge and fault this family, let us lend a helping hand to the two neglected canines first. If you can help to foster/adopt either of them, kindly write in to We very much appreciate any help. Thank you.

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