Monday, October 3, 2011

World Animal Day – Discounted Stray Sterilization Rates

Dear friends and supporters,

World Animal Day is celebrated on the 4th of October every year. In recognition of this important day, Island Veterinary Clinic ( has kindly offered us discounted rates for stray dog sterilization just for the month of October. Noah’s Ark CARES wishes to share this rate with fellow caregivers as we recognize the time and effort put into caring for this unfortunate lot of helpless and homeless animals and financial constraints one often face.

Kindly email us at should you wise to make use of this opportunity and we will advise you on the rates as well as the proper procedures to be followed. Please take note that this rate is only applicable to strays (not home pets) and the animals will have to be ear tipped and tattooed. The bills are to be fully paid for upon picking up of the dogs. Respective caregivers are also to arrange transportation of the dogs themselves.

Remember, sterilization is the key to stray population control and with combined efforts, we hope to be able to achieve a stray-free Singapore! :)

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