Thursday, July 9, 2015

Rescue after Rescue (1/5): Nugget and Buddy

We had an influx of rescue cases flowing in over the past few weeks we could honestly barely cope. Practically, we do know we cannot save everybody, every single dog on the street. But if you happen to see an unwell dog in front of you, can you walk away? We are unable to. Be it a major problem or a minor one, if a minor ailment can be rendered medical attention in time, one more precious life is saved as well as further health complications. We try our best.

Nonetheless, all these require time, labour and funding. With our few on-site volunteers dutifully tending to their stray charges as always, we have also been actively working on TNRM (Trap-Neuter-Release-Management) on a restricted part of the island, which makes our manpower even tighter and more limited.

We need your help, be it with adoption, volunteering or funding our medical cases in any way you can help us with. Finding dedicated volunteers has never been easy, but our team has been kept running strong in working towards the ultimate goal of lessening the number of strays on our streets.


During one of our routine feeding sessions close to two years ago, we picked up this tiny little tri-colour puppy struggling away for his life in a deep wide drain. His sibling has unfortunately drowned but we managed to scoop him up in time before he suffered the same fate. He was just palm size then and very young – only a few weeks old. The fosterer named him Nugget.

Nugget has been rehomed a couple of times but was returned, as the adopters cited separation anxiety problems which means he cannot be left alone at home. Nonetheless, he grew into a handsome young lad. Unluckily, the fosterer recently found a growing lump at his throat. We sent Nugget to the clinic and the clinic managed to squeeze out what was in the lump while Nugget was under sedation. However, the vet was only able to see soft tissue for now. An ultrasound will be more appropriate in this case to actually diagnose his condition but we kept it on hold first due to the high cost. Meanwhile, Nugget was given an antibiotics injection which will last him about two weeks and thereafter a review will be scheduled again.

The photo is not very clear but can you see the lump at Nugget's throat?

Buddy – a name given to this young lad before he breathed his last. We did not want him to go off unloved and unknown. We wanted him to know that though we did not manage to save him, we will remember him. Though Buddy was initially brought into the clinic for a different condition, his cause of death was similar to Brownie’s (

Buddy sustained a bite wound from an adult dog at his abdomen one Saturday afternoon. It was not a very deep wound but it just would not stop bleeding. He was brought into the clinic but further tests revealed serious underlying conditions – Buddy was severely anaemic and also he had fluid in his lungs. The vet suspected he could have accidentally consumed rat poison but he being a stray, we would not know what they have eaten or came across prior to us taking them in.

Buddy’s condition deteriorated after he was transferred to the hospital due to it nearing evening time on a weekend. The vet suggested a blood transfusion for him but as we were scrambling around for another blood donor (we just had a blood transfusion done for Di Di:, Buddy decided to give up. He was gasping for breath and we had to say goodbye to him. Rest well Buddy. Run along with Little Brownie when you meet him at the rainbow bridge!

Goodbye Buddy..


With the multiples rescue cases pouring in, our vet bills are at an all high these few months. We appreciate any bit of contribution from each and everyone of you, and also need your sharing to spread the word about adoption for Nugget, Thumper and Teddy! Please email us at if you are able to help in any way, thank you.

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