Sunday, July 12, 2015

Rescue after Rescue (2/5): Di Di

Affectionately named Di Di by one of our volunteers P who has been caring for him, the origin of Di Di and siblings are unknown but the factory told P they took pity on them and took them from another industrial estate to put in their factory to care for them. Nonetheless, the conditions they stayed in were less than satisfactory though they had the basic needs like food and shelter. Some factories deem this kind of environment adequate as they are street dogs after all and they are known to be extremely hardy. This is highly debatable and often, medical care is minimal or even non-existent.

Di Di and siblings when younger

P went down to the factory as often as she could and also to bathe them almost every weekend with another volunteer E – this was the best she could do while she tried to rehome them. However, Di Di started showing signs of falling sick and being anaemic. P thus brought Di Di to the clinic.

The vet diagnosed Di Di with a strain of tick fever Ehrlichia and advised Di Di had a dangerously low blood count – he needed a blood transfusion urgently. It was a working day and multiple calls were made. Finally, a suitable blood donor came forth! We will like to thank the owner of J-Boy who kindly allowed J-Boy to help save Di Di’s life.

Thank you for saving my life J-Boy!

After the blood transfusion, Di Di rested in the clinic for a couple of days before we had to transfer him to a boarding facility for recuperation and medication. Di Di is still at the boarding facility as of now but he is so much better than before – boisterous and playful. He is certainly very grateful for a second chance at life and we also hope things will only get better for him from here on! 


Look at how cheerful and playful Di Di is now!


With the multiples rescue cases pouring in, our vet bills are at an all high these few months. 
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