Monday, July 13, 2009

Event Review: BENEFUL, 14 June Sunday

The sun was beating down on us mercilessly as we arrived at 9 am to prepare our booth, fortunately the sweltering heat died down half an hour later and we were spared the heat for the rest of the day. Around us, all the usual faces from the local welfare organizations were present, such as ALL, ASD, SPCA and Madam Wong’s shelter. As we were all working towards the same goal - to raise funds for the animals, everyone seemed to enjoy one another’s company.

Fort Canning (Canine) Park

Soon enough, groups of people, together with their beloved dogs started streaming in, handfuls at a time. It was such a thrill seeing such an eclectic range of dogs occupying the vicinity, from common breeds such as Retrievers to the more exotic and rare, like the Afghan Hound. Frisbees were being thrown about and dogs were seen racing one another across the field, creating the perfect doggy day out. The fun for dogs however, did not stop there, for there were competitions being held for them. Great prizes were given to the fastest eating dog, most obedient and to the dog that could do the most tricks.

This big dog looks intimidating...

Hot Day + too much fur = Long tongue

Can I go play now please?

*sniff* - are you real!?

Nearby, across the lush green space, many owners rolled out their picnic mats which were provided by Beneful and their oh-so-casual dining took place. The atmosphere was absolutely wonderful, seeing dogs, families and couples engaging with one another and everyone was clearly having a lot of fun.

Every now and then, people would stop by our booth for a chat and to check out our merchandise and T-shirts with new designs. It was a good opportunity for us to interact with fellow pet owners and to enlighten them on Noah’s Ark’s mission and works. It was heartening seeing loyal customers from past events returning to support our cause and it was extremely encouraging when members of the public willingly signed themselves up as volunteers.

Launch of our new cotton Shaggy tshirts! Get yours today! Email us @ to place an order.

Our humble tent

Events such as Bark in the Park provide tons of fun and enjoyment for everyone. Not to mention, the human-animal bonding which it promotes and this encourages responsible pet ownership. I’d like to thank Noah’s Ark for giving me the opportunity to volunteer and I must say I’ve learnt more about myself and about others through this experience.

Our hardworking volunteers

We at Noah’s Ark, would also like to thank Purina for their contribution and sponsorship towards the event “Beneful Bark in the Park”. The dogs at our shelter will certainly be pleased; I can already see them grinning from ear to ear!

Thank you BENEFUL, for allowing Noah's Ark to participate in this event!

** Story contributed by: Jo Ann and Ruth Lim,
Photographs by: Fiona


Lea said...

Hi, do you have any branch in Singapore that I can help out in?

Zeus Mongrel said...


Yes, Noah's Ark CARES is based in Singapore and there are many numerous events you can help out in. Could you please leave your email and we will contact you soon? Thank you very much for wanting to help us!

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