Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hand Painted Tees for Auction

Dear readers,

You must have heard or read about our very first fundraising dinner. For those who were unable to make it to the dinner, here are a few things from the night you can still purchase to give support to the Sanctuary and the animals. Over the next few posts, we will be showcasing some of our limited edition merchandise that you are still able to get your hands on!

For today, we have some special hand painted tee shirts which are still available. They are hand painted by local artist Elton Goh Kheng Yew. For a write up on the artist, please scroll down to the bottom of this post and read up on him!

Each tee shirt comes with a certificate. Each tee shirt is a work of art that can be washed and worn. The minimum bid per tee is $50 and samples are shown below. The description of the shirt is below the picture. For buyers in Singapore, please remember to include $5 for postage. International buyers please email for postage prices.

To make a purchase, please email us at with the subject "Purchase: Noah's Ark Hand-Painted T-shirts".

The numbers may not be in order as the t-shirts are removed from this post once they have been sold.

3) Chin Chin, FS (Female tee, Small size)

4) Basset Hound 1, (Female tee, Small size)

5) Saluki, (Female tee, Small size)

6) Basset Hound, (Female tee, Small size)

7) Afghan Hound, (Male tee, Medium size)

10) Shihzu, (Male tee, Medium size)

About the Artist

Artist: Goh Kheng Yew (Xin Hui, Lu Tang, Jinananda)
Date of Birth: 26 February 1967
Nationality: Singaporean

Professional Background:
A graduate of Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts
Full-time artist specializing in Chinese paintings, calligraphy and Buddhist paintings

Have held exhibitions of his works since 1988, including:

1988 – Reflections
1995 – Blissful Realm at Empress Place Museum
2000 – The Sacred Bloom at S’pore Chinese Chamber of Commerc & Industry
2002 – Perfumed Garden at La Juneusse Art Gallery
2004 – Luminosity at Alliance Francaise
2007 – Chinoiserie Bloom at Star Cap Art Gallery

**We at Noah's Ark are very grateful for Mr Goh's kindness and generousity in donating the hand-painted shirts for our fund-raising auction. On behalf of the animals, thank you very much Mr Goh!

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