Friday, July 17, 2009

Local Celebrities Help the Animals at Noah's Ark

Local celebrities have gathered together to help raise funds for Noah’s Ark Natural Animal Sanctuary.

Event: Noah’s Ark Fund Raising Dinner
Date: Friday, 17 July 2009
Time: 7pm to 10pm
Venue: Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel
Waterfront Ballroom, Level 2
392 Havelock Road S(169663)

Local celebrities, Vernon Cornelius of the Quest, Larry Lai of Rediffusion Glory and Koh Joo Kim, ex-radio DJ of 93.8 LIVE (The Living Room) are getting together this Friday for Noah’s Ark maiden fund raising dinner. Armed with hearts of gold, these stars have kindly volunteered their time to heighten awareness of the plight of the many abandoned companion animals that call Noah’s Ark home.

Vernon Cornelius will be entertaining the guests with his band for the entire evening. Whilst Larry Lai has kindly agreed to be the Master of Ceremony for the night. Last, but not least, Koh Joo Kim has done a voice-over for a video of the sanctuary – the video titled The Living Ark will be launched at the dinner.

Animals, not unlike their human counterparts, have also been hard hit by the recession. Unfortunately, they have no government safety net to ensure that they will not suffer too much from the downturn. Sadly, many face uncertain futures as to when their next meal is if not certain abandonment by their unfeeling owners. For some of the luckier ones, they have “granted” a reprieve at Noah’s Ark.

Presently, Noah’s Ark is home to more than 800 dogs, 450 cats, 21 rabbits, 4 guinea pigs, 4 ex-race horses, 1 pony, 4 civet cats and 2 macaques. Every animal that calls Noah’s Ark home has been rescued from abuse, neglect if not abandonment. Behind every bark or meow is a story waiting to be heard.

Just in Singapore itself, more than 10,000 animals are abandoned every year. The suffering of the animal that has been abandoned by its owners remains largely unknown to the public. Yet, the responsibility for caring for these abandoned animals continues to multiply manifold.

The Singapore arm of Noah’s Ark CARES, focuses on the rescue of abused animals and local sterilization programmes of companion animals. Noah’s Ark CARES has been very supportive of individual animal feeders in their efforts to have their animals in their care sterilized. As Noah’s Ark CARES strongly believes that active sterilization is the most humane way to control the stray population in Singapore. We at Noah’s Ark CARES are most grateful of our panel of dedicated veterinarians who support this programme by quoting attractive rates for its continued success.

Similarly, special mention should be made for the many dedicated volunteers who have often personally settled the medical costs of the many rescued animals.

Last but not least, we are mindful that the continued existence of Noah’s Ark is due to the belief and support of such like-minded people who feel that companion animals have a right to life filled with love and tender care. Without such commitment, our animals at Noah’s Ark would have no future.

The success of our maiden fund raising dinner bears testimony to this belief.

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