Friday, July 16, 2010

NA Tea Party!

On 6th December, Noah’s Ark had their annual tea party at Nyee Phoe Flower Garden. It was my first time volunteering at Noah’s Ark and I was wondering what my duties were. The volunteers arrived earlier to set up the venue, arranging tables and chairs, and assembling the food line, both for humans and dogs.

Amidst all the preparation, the volunteers also took turns in taking care of the dogs and letting them walk around, especially Zeus who did not like being tied up. I guess he is used to running free in Noah’s Ark! He was especially interested in the different smells around him and in making new friends.

Very soon, owners and dogs started coming in. Food for humans was served on one side, and for dogs on the other side. On the doggie menu was fish, pork ribs, some biscuits and a choice of either a strawberry or durian cupcake. The pretty cupcakes were carefully decorated with doggie safe whipped cream. Some owners were really concerned about what they were feeding their dogs, even bothering to peel the meat off the bones for them. It was really heart-warming to see the extent of their love for their furry friends.

Yummy doggy durian cupcakes!

Throughout the tea session, there were fun and games carried out on the stage. Our host started everything off with a short skit, with Prince acting as an abandoned dog. Another game included Coco looking for money hidden in towels, just based on her sense of smell. She successfully found the money after 3 tries. However, the game that garnered the more enthusiastic response was when all the schnauzers and their owners were invited on stage. The game was based on how well the owners know their dogs. The owners were to be blindfolded and had to feel a specific part of the dogs lined up, the tail or the front right paw, and find the dog that belongs to them. Despite the all the schnauzers being so similar, the owners had no difficulty recognizing their own dogs! To end it all off, the owners took turns persuading their dogs to go through a long red tunnel. It was really amusing to see the owners enthusiastically encouraging their dogs to go through the tunnel, hence increasing the dog’s confidence.

Prettyyy Coco!

One sweet dog I met that day was Pudding. Pudding has bladder cancer and was wearing diapers, but that didn’t affect his pleasant disposition at all. He is so sweet and lovable! Oh, and greedy too… His owner affectionately calls him the vacuum cleaner. Overall, I had a really fun time serving food and walking the dogs. I went home feeling very contented in knowing that all the dogs I met are in loving homes.

Pudding enjoying a belly rub

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