Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pets – The Cure for Your Family

I vividly remember the day my family and I brought home 3 lovely bunnies in 2001. Being our very first pets, we were really excited and they changed our lives somehow. In a good way, of course! We eventually named them Brownie, Blackie and Doggie, with Doggie being the largest of the 3.

I saw a change in my 2 daughters, as they took on the responsibility of treating them with lots of TLC. Needless to say, grooming and playtime with the bunnies became a family affair for us all.

A year later, the bunny family extended due to the sweet union between Blackie and Doggie. Out came Snowie and he was all white, fluffy and insanely adorable! In time to come, Snowie soon had more siblings and we had to re-home most of them but kept Blackie with us.

One fine day however, we found ourselves adopting a 1 year old husky named Trusty. Lo and behold, Blackie actually played the big sister role with Trusty. Can you imagine how cute it was? To have a huge dog bonding with a bunny? Tons of photos were taken of them playing together and they were living proof that friendships could and would always cross boundaries. Having Trusty as part of our family kept us healthier too for we had to bring her for daily walks.

Time flew and in 2007, Blackie fell ill. Despite having brought her to the vet, she couldn’t be saved and died of a sudden heart failure at the age of 6. After so many years of bonding and loving one of their first pets, my daughters were simply devastated and we could tell that even Trusty missed her ‘big sister’ dearly. However, the loss of Blackie brought us much closer to Trusty. We treasure every moment with her and it’s great seeing our 2 girls valuing friendship the same way they bond with our pets.

My husband and I have come to the conclusion that pets can most definitely add a lot of joy and happiness to one’s family and believe it or not, their companionship can do wonders for the soul. While it’s inevitable that our pets will eventually leave us behind someday, somehow, no matter what, loving them and being loved by them in return make it all worth it at the end of the day.

*Story contributed by Doreen

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