Monday, July 12, 2010

A time for JOY

Joy came to our office in Jan Year 2008 while she was still pregnant. She came in to look for food and appeared to be very scared. The moment she sees me, she will quickly run away. Until one day, she gave birth to 9 lovely puppies. She was very skinny but she never forget to feed her puppies. Our office staff was so happy that she chose here to give birth to her puppies. We also felt pity for her and started to feed her with food.

When the puppies started to open their eyes, my colleague and I always pay them a visit. We even named these puppies, Milly (with fractured leg after being knocked down by forklift. Now having a good life cause she was adopted by a German family staying in Semi D house), Antenna, Tai Tai, Fatty, Handsome, Ah Girl (now called Nancy. She now stayed at a temple), lady (she was taken away by another animal welfare organization). She was also adopted) and Blacky. My boss also voluntarily gave some money for me to arrange for vaccination for all these puppies. Before these puppies were vaccinated, one of the female puppies passed away. And since then, we have started finding a place for these puppies because it is rather dangerous for these puppies to roam around with Joy at my workplace due to the nature of our business (a lot of big trucks, vans and even forklift at my workplace). As time passes, I managed to get them adopted and now is the time I get Joy to a place that she can enjoy and no need to worry about food. Joy has been with us for so long and I feel it is an obligation for me to give her a good home.

- Chong Mei Yee

Joy when we first met her

Milly at 2 months old

The puppies above are all rehomed in factory and rescuer has even made the effort to get them sterilized and licensed.

Noah's Ark: Mei Yee has shown how one's initiative to help strays living in factories can really give the animals a new lease of life. We would like to thank her for being a personification of kindness to the other people. If only Joy, the dog she rescued, could talk, she would thank her for giving her newfound hope at NA!

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