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Buddy Hugo's 3rd Update

We’re back with some jolly good news on Buddy’s speedy recovery. For Buddy's previous story, please refer to: &

On Nov 5, we were informed by Tim that Buddy was no longer on any medication and he was allowed to walk around their apartment, as long he was not jumping around or playing too much with Meemok. Meemok is another adopted dog of Tim and Jacqueline, and both dogs have got on fantastically well! They are the best of pals enjoying each other’s company. Buddy loves playing with Meemok and is reasonably solid on his feet now. Says Tim ‘Though we do have to be careful that Meemok doesn’t chase him around too much – when she does, at least Buddy knows to go and lay down on his bed in our room.’

Buddy Hugo & Meemok

07 Nov marks a special day for Buddy - Tim, Jacqueline, Maria (family helper) and Meemok have decided to officially adopt him! They had grown so attached to him during the past month and they have seen him grown to be Meemok’s best friend – Jacqueline shared in her note to us that they would be doing injustice should they separate both of them and they would miss Buddy too much. Bless their kind hearts!

Originally, Tim and Jacqueline were only fostering Buddy while he rested in preparation for surgery. They have 2 street cats and an ASD dog, so they were not really looking to add a permanent member to the family. Buddy came to them with an inability to walk and within 24 hours of arrival, had a catheter inserted to solve another problem that had developed. Despite his obvious discomfort, his tail would wag every time they gave him a scratch on the head or called out his name. Though he was in obvious pain when they carried him downstairs, he never once was angry or upset with the Jarvis family for moving him. The highlights of his day was mealtime or having Meemok lay alongside his play pen. A family meeting was held and it decided that regardless of how his hips would heal, Tim and Jacqueline could not give him up not knowing what his fate would be.

“I don’t think Hugo ever thought he was going to live anywhere else. He loves mats not dirt, big regular bowls of food which consist of Maria’s chicken soup, rice and fresh chicken and the boy loves his air conditioning. As of yesterday, his meals were served in the yard area with Meemok and the water bowl has moved from the dining room area so he must venture through Singapore cat territory to reach it just like his big sister”, says Jacqueline.

Buddy Hugo in good spirits

Together with his new parents, Buddy made his next visit to Dr Ly on 14 November. Dr Shum attended to Buddy during this visit. They were greeted by good news when X-rays revealed that his bones were mending and there were signs of re-growth where most of the damage was done, mostly on his left side. Although Buddy was still a little stiff, his movement had given some indication that he was mobile and they have recommended not to proceed with any operations at this stage. Dr Shum did advise that at some point in the future, the ball of the femur would need to be removed, however, so as to help the muscle would be able to support this.

There was discussion to have Buddy sterilized but the vet recommended not to while his bones continue to heal as the testosterone that is being produced is good for his mending bones as well (lucky Buddy for now). He is on a supplement of calcium and Arthormax to help with the recovery process.

Buddy would be reassessed in 12 months’ time but the doctors are happy with the little one’s progress. He was encouraged to take up to 15-minute walks per day and he simply enjoys exploring the grounds around the apartment – this is something Buddy would not have imagined doing after the accident. Simple things go a long way in making Buddy one happy little dog - a bath, some food, a loving family and a friend called Meemok.

Tim and Jacqueline took comfort that although Buddy may not join their runs around the block with Meemok, one thing was for sure - they do know that the little one will be waiting with his ‘whole body shaking anticipation’ every time they come home!

Such a handsome boy Buddy Hugo is growing to be!

Two weeks ago, Buddy’s rescuer paid him a visit. Buddy knew it was her even before the door opened! Jacqueline said he was wagging his tail in excitement while the rescuer stood outside his house. He was happy to see her and snuggled up to her for a few minutes. Perhaps a sudden thought had floated into his mind, that she was there to either take him to the vet or to take him away from his new home and Meemok, and Buddy immediately ran into the room and pretended to look as if he couldn't walk! He continued with his pretence all evening while his rescuer was there, much to Jacqueline's amusement.

Right after his rescuer left the house, the playful little boy was back to his old self - He played with Meemok for an hour, had dinner, made two trips downstairs and took a long nap! Who says animals aren’t smart?

Buddy Hugo playing with his best friend Meemok

Buddy’s story comes across like a fairytale with a happy ending. However, such happy endings are few and far between. Cross breeds have a slim chance of being adopted. We are very happy that Buddy has not only found a loving home with the Jarvis family, he also does not require surgery! Miracles do happen. His next visit is in 6 months time. Thank you Tim and Jacqueline for giving Buddy a second chance to live his life to the fullest!

­­­­­­­­­­­*Tim and Jacqueline have since renamed Buddy, he is now known as Buddy Hugo Jarvis.

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