Sunday, April 26, 2009

Tigger is happy in his home!

Dear readers,

Do you remember Tigger? He was looking for a home last Christmas and we are happy to announce that after a long and hard search, he finally has a place to call home! For his past story, please see Tigger’s previous story -

These are what his new family members have to say:

Thomas DeKlotz (Age 5)

My dog "Tigger" is so cute. We got him from Noah's Ark. I had always wanted a dog. Finally Mommy decided to get one! I like to pat him. He licks me and it tickles very much!

Analena DeKlotz (Age 10)

What do you call an animal with a cream colored body and with black stripes? Some might call this a tiger but I call it MY DOG! His name is "Tigger". "Tigger" was born at a construction site. His mom was killed by a car when he was just two months old. He had about 3 or 4 brothers and sisters. Some of them were killed at the construction site too when heavy vehicles rolled over them. We got "Tigger" when he was six months old. We adopted him from Fiona. She helps Noah's Ark Cares. She picks up stray dogs and cats and takes care of them until she can find them a home. She is so nice! I like "Tigger" because he is so fun. He is a little bit nervous since we got him but I’m sure he is going to adapt to this new place. I have faith in him. I had always wanted to get a dog. Since our other dog died in America, I have been very sad. Tigger reminds me of Taz (my previous dog) because of his ears and face. I like to take Tigger on walks and I play with him alot. He is my little striped Tiger.

Sophie DeKlotz (Age 12)

Tigger is our new dog. We adopted him through Noah's Ark Cares. I think adopting a dog is better than buying a dog. Did you know that over 700 stray dogs and cats are picked up in Singapore every month? If you adopt a dog you can help give an animal a new home! If you buy a dog then you aren't helping these stray animals. Fiona helped us find "Tigger". She found him at a construction site. He came to our house on a Thursday night. He was really nervous at first. He slowly got used to us though and now he is very playful. A few weeks after we got him, he ran off while he was on a walk. My brother was handing the leash over to his friend when Tigger got scared by some dogs barking at him which made him run. My helper, Tri ran after him, but he was too fast. He was gone for about 7 days.

We were all very sad when he disappeared. We put up alot of posters and called the many shelters of Singapore. Every night, Noah's Ark Cares helped us look for Tigger. One night the guards outside our apartment saw a shape following behind Tiger (a very sweet doberman from our neighborhood) coming home from a walk. The guard grabbed him and it turned out to be a very dirty Tigger. Tigger is very smart because he recognized Tiger and followed him back to our house. We were so happy to have him back! A day later, we took him to the vet because he was limping. The vet said he broke his leg. But now he is on the mend and we are very excited about our future with him!

**We at Noah's Ark are very happy to know that Tigger has been adopted. We must say that Tigger is really blessed to be part of the DeKlotz family. We are sure that he will have a great life ahead of him (:

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