Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Could you please give Timmy a warm, loving home?

Timmy is another nameless, unwanted stray born in a industrial estate where strays dogs are aplenty. His mother was killed in car accident when he was just 3 months old, leaving Timmy and his sibling behind . By the time he was 4 months, he lost another member of his family to yet another car accident, leaving just him alone in this world.

2 months later, Timmy became the victim of a hit and run himself. Apparently, he had been hit in his chest by a moving vehicle. It is a sad common fact that in industrial estates, people dont bat an eyelid at the numerous dogs that roam the streets, hungry, wounded and injured. Is this what it means when we say we are the voices for the animals?

Wound on Timmy's leg

For 3 days, Timmy lay in a corner vomiting blood, not moving, as painful silent tears welled in his eyes. The security guard took pity on him and tried to feed him but Timmy simply refused to eat or drink. In the end, the security guard managed to contact someone who happens to feed stray dogs around that area, who in turn contacted Noah's Ark. We went down and was told it had been three days since he last ate or drank. By that time, he was getting weaker and dehydrated.

A few volunteers arrived lifted him carefully, afraid to injure him or cause him any pain. We put him into our doggy mobile and took him to the Vet. At the Vet, x-rays were done on his body and thankfully, all his x-rays revealed no broken bones. However, he continued not eating nor drinking at the Vet, simply lying and staring blankly at the walls of his cage. Eventually, Timmy had to be put on a drip.

Such sad and doleful eyes Timmy has

Timmy is a sweet affectionate boy and he had a steady flow of visitors since, who drop by specially to pat and stroke him. Attention was something he probably never had all his life. With that, he soon started eating and getting stronger by the day. As there were no visible injuries, he was soon discharged.

Timmy is now 10 months of age, extremely gorgeous and a very good natured little boy. He has fully recovered and bears no grudges against mankind for causing him any pain and trauma. Despite all that he has gone through, we believe is still extremely happy and grateful to be alive.

Timmy is now living with a fosterer and ready for adoption. He has been sterilized, vaccinated and does not pull when walking on leash. Such an extremely obedient and affectionate boy should not have to live life out alone on the streets. Do note that Timmy is not an HDB approved breed and ideally should be an only dog in the household.

Should you wish to open your home and heart to him, please contact Suzanne at 96975363 or email us at if you are interested in adopting him.

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