Thursday, April 30, 2009

Updates - Lucky Angel

Dear readers,

We're glad to say that Angel visited the Vet a few days ago with her fosterer, Catherine Thomas. They now call her Lucky Angel and she seems to respond to that name! If you don't know Angel's story, please see

She was a mere 11kg when she was first rescued. In a short span of two weeks, she has put on 3kg and now weighs 14kg. The Dr thinks she is improving, in terms of getting stronger and has some fur growing back slowly. She is no longer totally furless, although she is still somewhat weak and wobbles with a weak gait. The Dr said she should put on another 5 - 6 kg as her bones are still protruding and her hind legs are very weak.

When she was first rescued, the Drs were unable to gauge her age as she was in a poor state. Today they had a better inkling and estimated her to be just slightly more than a year old. The open sores on her body has gradually healed too. Indeed, her fosterers have showered her with lots of love and good nutritious food.

The Dr checked her and gave her another month's supply of medication to control her itch and her mange. When she entered the clinic, the typical smell of dogs infected with mange followed into the clinic, causing other dog owners to move aside, most likely put off by the foul sourish smell. We have to let you know that mange is non-contagious, cannot be passed to other dogs and is a long term recovery process.

Lucky Angel's fosterer, Catherine, and her family love her dearly despite her condition and smell. Catherine sat on the floor in the clinic, instead of on the chair, to be closer to Lucky Angel, to cuddle and assure her. We are touched by her warmth and love for Lucky Angel. Catherine had also kindly paid for Lucky Angel's medical bill on this visit.

Our volunteer that rescued Lucky Angel has also visited her, just to check on her and bring her treats, which she is now learning to enjoy. She still gobbles her food like a stray. This is because the strays that are fed usually gobble their food and eat as much as possible as they do not know when their next warm meal might come.

When Lucky Angel returned "home" after the Vet, she somehow knew it was her home. She wagged her tailed and walked as fast as her weak legs could carry her, right to the correct lift. When she got home, she headed straight to "her room" for her afternoon snooze and looked very comfortable in her new found home.

We are glad Lucky Angel is well on the road to recovery. Although she still sleeps for the most part of the day, she has learnt to climb steps in her fosterer's apartment and manages quite well on the smooth marble flooring. She is still a little scared of the vacuum cleaner and continues barking at herself in the mirror, but we think she is really happy there!

We would like to thank all our friends, readers and supporters for emailing us their concern, and to thank all the kind supporters who have donated generously to Lucky Angel's rescue, medical and food bills. We are truly grateful for your support and belief in the work we do.

Last but not least, we would like to thank Catherine for agreeing to foster Lucky Angel, for loving and taking such good care of her and Ryan, Catherine's third son, who is now Lucky Angel's best friend.

Stay tuned to Lucky Angel's recovery in a month's time. Thank you everyone.

We’d like to dedicate this song to Lucky Angel and all the countless strays out there, many of them never ever getting a proper meal in days, never having shelter from the rain nor shine, never ever experiencing love or the human touch but continue to have hope, and the will to live. Dare to Live.

Andrea Bocelli & Laura Pausini 2007 "Dare To Live" (Vivere)

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