Thursday, April 9, 2009

Chwing’s wheels have been ordered!

Dear readers,

Do you remember little Chwing? The little handicapped puppy that was abandoned, whose story brought tears to our eyes? (See We had many readers write in to offer to buy him a "wheel cart" so he could move round more easily, without causing friction to his poor little knees. (See

After consulting with Vets and the manufacturers of the wheel cart, we were advised to let Chwing grow fully first before we take his measurements. Furthermore he needed to be sterilized too. So we waited . . . . (See Just a week ago, we were really very excited when his Mommy, Nikki, finally took his measurements after ensuring that he would not grow larger anymore!

Noah's Ark VP, Lynda, has just recently put in the order for little Chwing's wheels (See and we look forward to receiving the wheels for little Chwing in a month or so.

Stay tuned to our blog and see how happy little Chwing will be when his wheels arrive from the USA. This set of wheels would help him to zoom around more freely and less effortlessly. Thank you to the generous and extremely kind donors who have fully sponsored these set of wheels!

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