Monday, April 20, 2009

A dog's prayer for food

Dear Noahs Ark CARES blog readers,

Today we have a lighthearted post for you - written specially by a good friend, Mr Popsicle, and edited by Mr Prince. From the bottom of their little doggy hearts, it was written from scratch with much sincerity and thoughtfulness. Please enjoy!

A Dog’s Prayer for Food

Kind souls have sent us to Noah’s Ark
Where everyday is like a frolic in the park
Playing to our hearts’ content
Our unpleasant experiences put to an end

With humans and dogs we now call friends
We look forward to the weekends
Where people visit to play with us
While bringing us food and giving our coats a brush
Feeding us treats is always a must!

With the sharp increase in pet food costs
We are worried about Uncle Raymund
For we know that he will continue feeding us
To him our doggy lives we entrust

So please Lord, help feed my fellow friends
All 700 of them (to be exact)!
Simply by clicking on this link
And ordering food from Rein Biotech

It wasn't easy to obtain this source,
so please do help to share the cost
They are giving us a one-for-one deal
So that we’ll never have to worry about our next meal!

More food please?

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